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How to Make Your Child's Party a Great Success :: Part I

Organizing a birthday party for your child could be a rewarding opportunity. It also could turn into a nightmarish experience if you try to take on too much. Being prepared and organized will lift a lot of worries off your shoulders. Start with the intention of enjoying yourself and having fun during the whole process. Being at ease will deliver to you all circumstances you need to make any party a memorable event. Here are some great pointers to help you pull off a great party, start to finish, that nobody will forget!

1. Be Prepared

How prepared, you ask? It depends on how much time you can devote to the organizing process. Some people need more time than others. Some are more on task, some are more laid back. Stay at home moms may have a more flexible schedule than moms who do the party planning after work or on the weekend. Decide how much time you have available for planning and base the time frame on that. Some things need to be taken care of more than a month ahead of time, like reserving a popular party place. A casual party in your backyard would require less preparation time. Being rushed will cause you to become frustrated, so start in time.

Do you want to make this party very elaborate, a casual get together, a backyard barbeque, pizza party at the house, or rent a party place which takes care of most of the details for you?

Brainstorm with your children and gather ideas. Dream a little! Nobody’s ideas are bad or strange. Make sure to write them all down. This way you can remember them all. Some may be more costly than others, some are easily doable or does not cost a thing. Don’t judge the ideas yet, just write them down. Find out where your little ones would like to be, what kind of food and drinks they’d like to have, who they want to invite and how they would like to spend the time, what kind of games they want to play etc. Remember, you are creating memories for them. Enjoy this precious time with them and relax. Let them have fun with the process. 

2. Setting Your Budget

Once you have the list and found out what kind of a party your little one wants, decide about the budget. Knowing how much you want to spend on the party will help you stay on track. Do a little research of how much your wanted items cost and what are the must haves for the party that you are not willing to compromise on. Use your list from the brain storming to help you determine your alternatives. If your budget is bigger, you may want to go for more things at the party or you want to go for higher quality items. If your budget is lower, use the creative ideas from the list that are inexpensive or free. While Pinterest is a great source for very creative ideas, resist the temptation (for your own sanity) to try to incorporate all of those ideas into one party.

You also what to ponder some other subjects, such as what kind of food will be served at the party, are you going to cook, pick up food and have food buffet style, will you have a caterer for the party? Is food provided at the party place or you will have to bring in the food? What kind of food is allowed? Is there anybody among the guests who has allergies or special dietary needs (peanut allergies, gluten allergies/celiac disease, vegetarian/vegan, etc).

3. What about entertainment?

What kind of entertainment should you have? Are you considering entertaining the party guests or have a company that will do it for you? If budget allows, having professionals at your event will save you a lot of work and will give you time at the party to participate and be part of your kids’ fun. If you choose to entertain your guests yourself, involve other adults (friends or relatives) to help you out coordinating the activity. You can assemble craft projects, have a drawing contest, have them create their own costumes and have a contest (make sure to give out small prizes to everybody for participation), have a fashion show on an instant runway, organize bubble blowing championship, have them taste foods and drinks blindfolded etc. Use your kids’ creative imagination for activities if you get stuck.

Dream Cakes Inc. can also help you make your party memorable. Kids love to meddle with food and with the growing number of cake shows on TV, they became more interested in how cakes and desserts are created.

We, at Dream Cakes offer our professional help to create more fun by offering cake/cupcake and cookie decorating parties. Our parties are available from age 3 to grownups. Ask us how you can incorporate delicious edible fun into your next party (contact Edit Faris cell: 713-504-2253).

Now that you know a little about planning a party - we will continue with party favors, cake & hosting in the next segment of the article! Check back with our blog in two weeks to find out more! 

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